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95218 attends derailment, March loco yard, 13th March 1979

A new all-welded, articulated foot, jib was fitted to this crane in c1968 following damage to the original rivetted jib. The new jib is shown very clearly in this photo.

Behind the wagon can be seen the yellow-painted crew mess van and the roof of the diesel shed.

From left to right, the personnel are Geoff Gardner, Maurice Sutterby, Ron Few, (unknown), (unknown), with supervisor Frank Kidd on the extreme right.

Photo: Colin J Rush Collection


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  • Peter Woad on 2012-Apr-17 19:32:40 Peter Woad said

    This crane was transfered to Healey Mills and arrived on 5/7/1979 from March .It was taken out of service on 26/7/1982 when the boilers certificate expired and was officially withdrawn on 8/11/1982 to be dieselised