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Album - ADRC96700 recovers derailed Sulzer Type 4, 30.8.1965

Bill Jamieson holds the copyright to all photographs in this album.

The album carries a superbly illustrative series of 14 photographs showing derailed Sulzer Type 4 diesel loco D181 in Tweedmouth yard and its recovery using Gateshead's breakdown crane in cooperation with jacking gear.

Bill tells the story:
"On the morning of 30th August 1965, a friend and I were watching Sulzer Type 4 diesel D181 shunting the Tweedmouth yard when a sideways movement of its nose suggested that something was amiss. Running along the farm track parallel to the railway to investigate, we found the loco with all wheels off the rails. My trusty Brownie 127 was duly fetched from my home nearby and a roll and more of film was expended on the re-railing operation that same afternoon, once Sulzer Type 2 diesel D5180 had arrived with the Gateshead breakdown crane. To enable getting the crane as close as possible to its heavy burden, its jib runner and front relieving bogie were first lifted off and parked to one side. With jacking gear at one end and crane at the other, the loco was steadily re-railed."