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Derailment at Marley Junction, 6.9.1964

Robin Lush relates the story:

"On Sunday 6th September 1964 an incident happened at Marley Junction which ended up with Ivatt Class 4 No 43074 upturned down the side of the embankment on the north side of the line.

"I've never seen or heard of a report on the incident but local comment was that the loco had been running in the down direction on the up slow line from Bingley, approaching Marley Junction which was only an intermediate box between Bingley and Thwaites Junction where access on and off the slow lines was possible. The slow to fast points in the up direction were protected by catch points which did their job at the expense of 43074.

"Living locally at the time and with access to a lineside photographic permit I visited the site the following day and the subsequent recovery on Sunday 13th September 1964. The Holbeck and Wakefield cranes attended, the latter working from the Bingley end."

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